Know what our students have to say!

Yashvi Mehta
Financial Analyst, Morgan Stanley

At FinElite, The faculty, atmosphere, guidance, practice and training are unmatched. They provide you with everything any other training institute will and more. The practical trainings that they provide is the highlight of the entire course. It bridges the gap between theory and application. Its a go to place for any finance enthusiast and FinElite is the ultimate course any CFA student can take up.

Yash Lalwani
Tresvista Financial Services

Knowledge without applicability is not of much use and if one wants to make sure that they are able to bridge the gap between the two, FinElite is the way to go. The separate lectures dedicated only for practical learning of the concepts taught in theory is the cherry on the cake. FinElite is definitely value for every penny spent.

Jennisa Popat
Strategic Growth Advisors

As much as finance fascinates me, it can also be intimidatingly tricky at times. But at FinElite, with every concept broken down into simple logical learnings, the faculty forever approachable and ready to guide and emphasis on the practicalities of everything, understanding and applying finance has never been more fun.

Yash Kheni
Product Consultant, PGIM Mutual Funds

At FinElite, the way the faculty teaches all the concepts and gives personal attention to each student is commendable. What differentiates me from other CFA students, is the practical knowledge that FinElite caters above the theory part. I get to interact with industry experts and get great insights from them which is a plus one for me. I must say I made the right decision joining FinElite

Vishwa Sheth
Information Specialist, CITI

Had attended a demo lecture with FinElite and instantaneously decided to join the program. The course is structured such that the nitty-gritty of all the Financial concepts is explained in-depth and in an elaborated way incorporating the practical application as well. The regular practice tests and accustomed mock exams by them helped me a lot on the day of the exam.

Muskan Aswani
Private Equity Analyst, Tresvista Financial S.

I wanted to invest in myself like everyone but as rightly claimed, LongTerm investing is troublesome ; you need a well-built start , unbreakable base and everlasting support and I was among those few fortunate people to get all of this under one roof at LeapUp's FinElite program.

Meghan Bansal
Visible Alpha

FinElite is a complimentary program along with CFA which provides all the practical knowledge required. It is very necessary to get hands on training on all the topics taught in CFA and FinElite perfectly pertains to all these requirements. It gives the extra edge to students while applying for jobs in the corporate world. I’m glad I joined Leapup for my CFA program.

Samarth Desai
Alpha Alternatives

Leapup's Finelite course just did not help me prepare for my CFA Level 1 exams, but also help me increase my practical knowledge by conducting practical lectures. The faculties are always there to help you, they are just a message away for your doubts. Having joined Finelite for my level 1 definitely increased my knowledge and confidence in the field of finance.

Krisha Shrimankar
Financial Analyst at KAPSO

I was mesmerized by the concept of FinElite which provided practical training along side theory coaching. It has been a beautiful journey with these people, my mentors and they have taught me in a way no one ever has. There is so much practical approach to it that it's impossible for anyone to not understand and I recommend it to everyone.

Hinal Shah
Associate Investment Analyst, Perpetunity

Before joining the Finelite program, I had zero knowledge regarding the application of various concepts. This is a much better course than the usual theoretical lectures because it's practical oriented and we get to work on actual financial data. The faculty is approachable. makes learning a fun filled activity and personal attention is given to each student.

Mudra Desai
Investment Research Analyst, Avalon Global

I would to thank Finelite Edutech for introducing this unique course. As CFA is a very well-developed course, it will help us develop our finance competence. But to actually step into the corporate world, we need to apply this theory in practice and which this course is helping me to do. It looks easy when sums are solved from textbooks, but when you open the balance sheet of a company, you get to know the variation.

Krutik Tanna
Deal Advisory, KPMG

Diploma in Applied Finance is truly one of its kind. The practical lectures are something I look forward to as it not only teaches me how to actually apply what was taught in class but also is a lot of fun. The faculty in theory lectures is top-notch and frankly the most helpful teachers I have ever had. If you need a level up in CV, a crystal clear understanding of all the concepts of CFA combined with lots of practice in terms of mock tests.