FREE CFA® Level 1 Mock Exam Series

Exam Details

  1. Number of questions: 90
  2. Has a time limit of: 02:15:00
  3. Must be finished in one sitting. You cannot save and finish later.
  4. Questions displayed per page: 1
  5. You are allow to go back and change your answers.
  6. Will let you finish with some questions unattempt if you are not sure of an answer (Look at the top right corner to toggle between questions)
  7. Detailed answer for each question and subject wise marks will be displayed once you submit the paper.
  8. Paper I – Ethics, FSA, Quant, Economics
  9. Paper II – Corporate Issuers, Derivatives, Equity Investments, Fixed Income, Alternative Investments, Portfolio Management.
  10. Results of your exam will be emailed on your registered email id so make sure you enter valid a email id.

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