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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can scroll back to any questions, whether you have answered them or left them blank. You can also bookmark questions to find them easily later on.

No. You cannot jump forward. But you can jump backwards to any question. For example, if you are on question 8 out 30, you can jump to any question between 1 to 8. You can also click on next to go to question 9. However, you cannot skip question 9 and jump to question 10 or any further questions directly. You can also leave an answer blank and go to the next question.

No, attempt per test are limited to One. Giving the same test again would be pointless from a testing perspective.

If your internet stops in between, your test will not be interupted. All your previous answers will be saved. Your current answer will not be saved and will have to be selected again. But the test timer will not stop. You will see this message if your internet goes out mid-test. 
 If you get this message, wait for internet to be re-connected and press the ‘Click Here’ link to resume your test.

The test is completely compatible with all devices including Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles. All you need is an internet connected device with a web browser. No other software is required.

You will receive the detailed email for the test that you have appeared for within 24 hours from submitting your answers.